Welcome to Turn Buffalo.
We produce music-related, corporate and branded content for TV and web.

Turn Buffalo take a collaborative approach to get the maximum out of a brief, bringing our creative as well as technical abilities to the fore, giving you the best opportunity to achieve the perfect result.

Using our extensive network of industry contacts we hand-pick and manage key specialists to deliver to the highest possible standard.

We craft content into well-executed, well-told stories to make the original concept a reality and always with the aim of exceeding the expectations of the brief.

As part of our production offer or as a standalone service, we can deliver a technical overview of anything from studio or location-based productions to multi-camera live events.

In addition to our production offer we can supply bespoke production management, camera and editing services.



From cosy venues through session studios and unique spaces to stadia and arenas, we’ve filmed in them all.

Every space has its own set of challenges which we relish. Whether we are clinging to the roof of the O2 or orchestrating a crew of 40 while 80,000 pop fans go wild in Wembley, we are in our element.

At TurnBuffalo we specialise in multi camera shoots. Content can be mixed on site and streamed live or recut in post. Edits have been supplied for on-demand (VOD) and TV.

Whatever the requirement, We Love Live.

Branded content

At TurnBuffalo we understand that engaging the audience while managing to maintain the hero status of the brand is the key to successful branded content.

We can work with a given concept or, as is often required, we can develop a brand-appropriate concept for the client. The goal must be raising positive brand awareness while remaining acutely aware of the need to harvest relevant information through data capture.

The branded content solution can be as varied as the brands themselves and we have produced cooking shows, promo videos and interactive live gigs. Our skills set in this area has been successfully tested by brand leaders such as Microsoft, Colgate, Bauer and Bupa.


An exciting and expanding area for us is motion graphics.

Our experience is broad – from TV station idents and graphics packages to brand videos and awards’ show screen graphics.

Our strength in this area is concept development. We work closely with clients producing creative yet brand-sensitive graphics on time and on budget.

Corporate video

Many businesses have interesting stories to tell and our creative outlook combined with a brand-sensitive approach makes Turn Buffalo perfectly placed to help deliver your corporate film.

High production values and expert editing with the option of tapping into our motion graphics resource means we can produce either a business to business or client-facing video message with a professional edge.

Clients that have benefited from our knowledge of corporate communications include Bauer Media and Leapfrog Investments.

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